Profile picture of Kira McLean wearing orange rain jacket with blurred mountain landscape behind her.


I'm Kira. I've been writing software since 2016, experienced in full stack web development with a more recent focus on data processing and visualization tools. I also write easy-to-understand technical guides and tutorials for Clojure's data science ecosystem. Follow these links to my work:Code with Kira
My adventures in programming, mostly open source Clojure development
Clojure Data Cookbook
A work-in-progress book that aims to be the canonical resource for doing data science in Clojure
Clojure Tidy Tuesdays
Data science tutorials and example problems solved with Clojure


I thrive in environments that champion open-source innovation, value community engagement, and are dedicated to solving complex problems with elegant, sustainable solutions. There are lots of things I can probably help you with:

  • • Do you have a ginormous code base that nobody can make sense of? I can help you organize it.

  • • Do you have stakeholders coming at you from every direction asking for different things? I can help you communicate with them to make a plan to actually build something.

  • • Do you have piles of data you want to get answers from? I can help you find them.

  • • Do you have a disproportionate number of early-career developers on your team you need to level up quickly? I can teach them.

  • • Do you want to build a culture of open collaboration and engage the global open source developer community but aren't sure where to start? I can help you transform your development processes.

If you're looking for help with your software or data-related project, reach out. I can probably help you.


I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, with my spouse and my dog. We recently bought a 2.5 acre lot in the middle of our small town and have big hopes and dreams about starting up a small homestead someday down the road.When I'm not on my computer, I teach yoga, play violin, and spend time with friends.


I love hearing from people who are interested in my work or who want to talk about their projects or just life. Don't be afraid to reach out. You can find me lurking in lots of places on the internet, links below.